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Our Services

At The Garden Aquatic we are passionate about water features.  We’re excited to learn more about your dream for transforming your landscape into a personal oasis where you can relax and enjoy the soothing sight and sound of running water. The Garden Aquatic is a full-service water feature construction company that provides custom installation of the following:

Medium 11x16 Pond_01.jpg

Bring nature into your yard by working with Mother Nature.  Only limited by your desires, The Garden Aquatic builds the perfect Ecosystem Pond to fit your backyard, combining fish, aquatic plants, and cascading water.  Your perfect outdoor living space starts with an eco-friendly pond and ends with you living the Aquascape lifestyle!

DIY Waterfall Kit_2.jpg

Enjoy the sights and sounds of water as it meanders among the rocks. Relax as you enjoy the soothing environment of a waterfall after a busy day.  We combine natural design with eco-friendly features to bring serenity into your own backyard.

Scalloped Urn_05.jpg

Fountainscapes add architectural features with the benefits of moving water to enhance your front landscape, entryway, patio, or outdoor living space.  Completely customizable to your style and tastes, they are the perfect addition to a natural living area.

Large 26ft Pondless Waterfall_03.jpg

The benefits of rainwater collection are numerous, but traditional methods used to capture rainwater do not add beauty to your home or office setting.  Add a beautiful water feature that utilizes sustainable water collection and improves the environment.


The Garden Aquatic offers a variety of maintenance services.  From once a year clean outs, to monthly services, water feature repair, and complete renovation. We offer everything to keep your water feature looking good so you can relax and enjoy it!  Weekly and monthly maintenance packages are available.

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