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Rainwater Collection

Why let good water go to waste when you can reuse it for another purpose?

The benefits of rainwater collection are numerous, but traditional methods used to capture rainwater do not add beauty to your home or office setting.

We Can Install the Right System


Utilizing a revolutionary design, we combine a recirculating decorative water feature with a sub-surface rainwater storage system. Adding the beauty of a water feature to an efficient system for capturing, filtering and reusing our most precious resource - water!


Whether you choose to add a Pondless® Waterfall or bubbling urn to your landscape, you'll be happy knowing your water feature not only looks great, but is beneficial for the environment, too.

Benefits of Harvesting Rainwater


Harvesting the rain is beneficial for a variety of reasons. Once captured, use the stored rainwater to irrigate your surrounding gardens. Rainwater harvesting systems also provide a more economical way to control and manage stormwater runoff. Aquascape pairs its sub-surface rainwater storage system with a beautiful water feature, which allows stormwater retention to occur underground and out of sight. So you won't have a large, unsightly tank on your property.

Rainwater Harvesting
Large 26ft Pondless Waterfall_04.jpg
How it Works?

The Aquascape Rainwater Harvesting System is a sustainable stormwater management solution for both commercial and residential applications. The modular design of the Rainwater Harvesting System provides the flexibility to construct a rainwater collection system based on your requirements. The unique integration of a water feature provides filtration and enhances the overall landscape design.

Rainwater Harvesting System

Downspout Filter - Captures and removes pollutants flushed into the system during a rain event

Connecting Pipe – Carries the water, via gravity, to the modular storage basin

Modular Storage Basin – Modular design can be configured to fit a wide variety of applications and settings. EPDM rubber membrane creates a water-tight basin

Snorkel™ Vault & Centipede® Module – Optimum water utilization within the system and a convenient access point for yearly maintenance and cleaning

Overflow Infiltration – Excess rainwater is sent to a storage area that facilitates the infiltration of water into deeper soils and aquifers

Biological Filtration – Beneficial bacteria and enzymes reduce organic waste and pollutants to less toxic substances that can be absorbed by plants

Aquatic Plants – Providing food and shelter for a great number of birds, insects and amphibians and the cornerstone for maintaining biodiversity

Irrigation System – Natural water is loaded with micronutrients and compounds that will make plants flourish

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